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I love a good side project, so here are a few of mine.

Letters Across Time

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Letters Across Time tells short stories through personalized letters written to the reader and sent through the mail. Free samples are available for several of the stories. I am the founder, editor, and one of the writers. I work with a bunch of other very talented writers as we work on filling out the selection.


Home repair example

My wife and I tackle projects around the house and in general almost constantly, our last one was replacing a couple of monstrous windows in our sunroom, but I've built patios, repaired cars, finished basements, built trunks, and dozens of other things.

Photography and Videography

Photography logo

I don't do much anymore, but my wife and I also ran a photography and videography business, mainly doing on site photography and printing for commercial events, as well as a few weddings and festivals. We still do some through that business, Photography for Memories.

Personistory childrens books

Personistory Children's Books creates custom books that pull the child into the story with their face photoshopped into the story and custom printed. My wife writes and illustrates the stories, I help with web design, editing, and marketing. I had some server issues, so this site is down at the moment, but it will be back.


During college, I created a lot of videos for use in programs in the Residence Halls. At least at the time, there were almost no free videos available, so I created to share the ones I made with other groups. I had some server issues, so this site is down at the moment, but it will be back.

Start-up Consultant and Director of Operations

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