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Photo is of us on a hike at Mt Ranier last summer. It's the most recent photo I have not hiding under a snowboarding helmet.


I recently left my job as Director of Operations at a law firm. I am working on my consulting business full time. Lots to do getting that spun up to full speed, but I'm looking forward to what life with the joys of working for myself. My focus is twofold, first working with small businesses, startups, and people trying to start something new as the person who understands business and can help them navigate all the craziness of starting a business when you aren't a business person. The second focus is to help small law firms implement Actionstep legal software. You can learn more about my new business, Mauve Morpho, here.


I'm mainly working on Letters Across Time and trying to help out startups in little ways through free lunch consultations.


I live in SE Portland with my wife Rose and dog Arty. During COVID, we've mainly stayed around the hosue working on projects one after another. Thanks to some poor excavation work by a neighbor, we had some flooding in the basement just before a big ice storm demolished some trees around and onto our house, so our most recent projects have been repairing the basement and cutting logs all over the yard.

Last update April 2, 2021

Start-up Consultant and Director of Operations

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